My second book of fiction is out and ready to download

This is the cover and there is a link and information below

The Tar story line continues as Emilia Augustine is distraught over Spike's crimes and jets off to Iceland to distract herself with a winter road trip around the frozen bitter country. The first book in the Tar collection showcased the origin of a strange new drug and it's connection to an ancient myth. The Tarmaker is about realization and confrontation, asking who you can truly trust, and what lies beneath lust, love and betrayal. Emilia, Spike, Willem, Mick and Marjo are all in for a curious ride.  Here is the link to the new book...

     It's been a long time coming but I'm about to launch into the world of fiction writing.  Tar is a new drug on the New York City scene with a problematic side effect. Emilia Augustine created the drug but doesn't know how to go about selling it, she contacts a street wise drug dealer named Spike to do the selling for her. What Emilia doesn't know is how a new drug can effect people, it taps into people's wants and needs, problems arise dealing with greed, lust and addiction. This is the first book in the Tar Collection, each will travel to different parts of the globe, this book highlights Aitutaki in the Cook Islands and Vieques Puerto Rico.